Module Development

We select the best from Drupal for the Cocomore Drupal Distribution, and can help you further adapt it, according to your needs. We can support you entirely, by bringing your development completely in-house, or simply provide any assistance or training you might need during the development cycle. The following summarizes some of the ways we can support your development needs:

Our Services

Advice and analysis

Depending on what you intend to do with the Cocomore Drupal Distribution, our consultants and developers will assist you with choosing the appropriate modules. Should the analysis of your requirements show that an adjustment or new development of a module is required, we will provide you with an appropriate technical design.


Our experts rely on established principles and methods of software development to best determine technical design specifications. This guarantees a reliable foundation for the implementation and continued development of the relevant modules.

Adaptations and implementations

We are happy to assist you with the development or adaptation of individual modules. If you prefer, we can also completely manage and implement your development process.

Training and Support

Don’t worry: We will not abandon you after the installation of the Cocomore Drupal Distribution. We will continue to support you with appropriate training and support offers.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us!