Cocomore Drupal Core (CDC)

The Cocomore-Drupal-Core is an enhanced version of the current Drupal 6.x Core from


In addition to our own extensions we integrate all the improvements in terms of speed and scalability from Pressflow and the German localization of Of course, we offer support for installation, operation, customization, and upgrading. Please contact us.

Advanced features of this package

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Important note!

Before you replace an existing Drupal installation with the Cocomore Drupal Core or update the Drupal Core, you need to put your existing installation into maintenance mode!

Drupal 6.x core support ended

Cocomore Drupal 6.x core support ends, there will be not futher update releases any more! If you still need the Drupal 6.x core please have a look at the repository of Markus Kalkbrenner (Bio.logis) - This Drupal 6 Core is based on the Cocomore core and contains the same modifications. So, a change without problems is possible.


Version Downloads Date Links
6.28.21 Download (1.46 MB) 2013-Jan-29 Notes