Cocomore Drupal Core

The Cocomore Drupal Core is an enhanced version of the current Drupal core application provided by the official Drupal website, The Cocomore Drupal Core includes not only our own improvements, but also those of the Drupal community (e.g. Pressflow and

Support & Services

Of course, we offer support for both installation and operation. Please feel free to contact us.

Important enhancements of the Cocomore Drupal Core:

  • improved speed
  • improved scalability
  • full integration into Drupal’s update mechanism
  • integration of the German localization of

Please find a complete list of advanced features on the Cocomore Drupal Core download site.

Websites that use this package


All elements of the Cocomore Drupal Distribution, like Drupal itself, are licensed under the GNU GPL. More information is available on


Download the Cocomore Drupal Core free

Please note: Before you replace an existing Drupal installation with the Cocomore Drupal Core or update the Cocomore Drupal Core, put your existing installation in “maintenance mode”.