Cocomore Distribution

The Cocomore Drupal Distribution is based on the popular content management system, Drupal. Our Drupal specialists have developed the software to provide increased functionality and security. The Cocomore Drupal Distribution consists of two components:

  1. The Cocomore Drupal Core is an optimized version of Drupal’s efficient core application. Our core is also available for separate download.
  2. A package of the most important Drupal modules facilitates the effective development of your website.

Because of its modular design the Cocomore Drupal Distribution can be expanded quickly and easily and is optimal for use as a social commerce solution, for example.

Support & Service

We are happy to help you with installation of the Cocomore Drupal Distribution and also offer you support for its operation. Please feel free to contact us.

Advantages of the Cocomore Drupal Distribution


All elements of the Cocomore Drupal Distribution, like Drupal itself, are licensed under the GNU GPL. More information is available on


Click here for a free download of the Cocomore Drupal Distribution.