DrupalCon London is over… Long live DrupalCon London! (Watch DrupalCon London videos online for free!)

As a Drupal enthusiast working to learn good module coding skills, as well as someone interested in UX, the Drupal community, as well as keep up on general "builder" and admin developments, I'm very happy to see that I can view some of the sessions I had to miss when I was in London. With so many tracks taking place simultaneously in such a large, spread-out venue, it meant there are a number of presentations I wished I'd seen. Now I can watch them, free of charge on BitTV. (Update: Actually, I found I prefer to get the videos directly from the DrupalCon London session pages, since there is other info which is worth getting there.) BTW, if you use Firefox, you might find the Video DownloadHelper add-on handy for getting them as MP4 files which you can watch later. (I just take one or two at a time so to avoid inundating the server). I usually like to view screencasts and such materials at 1.5 to 2x normal speed, which saves some time and, provided I can keep up, it helps keep me more engaged.

Or Check Out the DrupalCon London Sessions Pages

A typical page, as it looks post-conference, on the official DrupalCon London site.

And there's more good news: If you are interested in more than just the session videos, look at the official DrupalCon website (see the "accepted sessions" list), you can navigate to the pages for each session and, in addition to watching the videos, in most cases you can also download the "slides" as a PDF. Depending on the session, this may be the easiest way to absorb the content covered (for code-centric sessions. Other sessions involve a lot of demonstration, so the videos are really necessary.

Even better: I downloaded a number of videos from DrupalCon Chicago and many had one or both of the following problems: video quality was sometimes low, and that despite very large file sizes (inappropriate bit-rates, frame-rates, etc), and the audio quality was, in some of the sessions, almost unlistenable, with a loud electronic buzz throughout. I'm sure that they aren't all perfect, but this appears to be the best batch of Drupal videos I've seen from a DrupalCon yet. The files are small, but are of quite decent quality. This is the best news of all!

DrupalCon London attendees: please review sessions you attended

The Drupal Association / DrupalCon organizers want to hear what you liked and what could be improved. So if you were there, be sure to log back in to the DrupalCon London site and go to the pages for the sessions you attended. Then just look for the "evaluate this session" link, normally just below the video. I still have to review some of the sessions I attended, including the session (illustrated above) about "code smell" by Larry Garfield (AKA "Crell"). That was an excellent session, one of the best I attended, and I highly recommend it for anyone who works with Drupal code or any kind of programming or themeing. I plan to watch it again... at least one more time. There wasn't one person in the room who didn't acknowledge that their code could be improved after his session.